Sunday, 10 October 2010

Protecting your memories for as little as 6p

Whenever we view our old photos it trigger's powerful memories of the many people, places, and events we have encountered in our lives. Unlike our more recent photographs which will most likely be in digital formats, our old photographs will have aged as the years have rolled by becoming more susceptible to damage and just like us humans!

Thankfully todays modern digital technology means that we can now protect all our old photographs by having digital copies created through the process of digital image scanning. This process involves the original photograph being digitally replicated using an industrial digital photo scanner to create an exact copy of the original. The scanned photos are normally then copied to a CD/DVD disk or USB memory stick.

Protecting your old photos with Photos Reunited can cost as little as 6p per photo which includes a free CD and a back-up copy stored in your Photos Reunited online account. For peace of mind you can keep your online copy as a permanent back-up or instantly share copies with your close family and friends you can even publish on them on your Facebook profile all at the press of a single button!

Photos Reunited, a professional digital scanning service offers a range of scanning products to suit all our customers’ requirements costing from as little as 6p a photo. Our products are designed to protect all your old photos and includes uploading a back-up copy  to your secure online account. Sign-up today for your free online Photos Reunited account and start to reunite your own photos.

The Team behind Photos ReUnited have considerable experience spanning many years in designing and developing professional imaging solutions for software and the Web for customers such as Samsung, Tesco, and Honeywell.


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