Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Christine Bleakley and fellow Daybreak stars reveal their old school photos

CHUBBY-cheeked and in pigtails, this snap of Daybreak host Christine Bleakley shows she hasn’t always had a sunny smile for the camera.

Christine and her fellow stars on the ITV show are going back to their old schools next week to mark the end of the summer holidays. And if Daybreak viewers wondered what the celebs were like before their big break, they dug out some old photos to put people in the picture.

Co-host Adrian Chiles joined reporters Kate Garraway, Tasmin Khan and Steve Hargrave to reveal how they looked as kids.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Photos Reunited launches UK Home Collection & Delivery Service

Photos Reunited, the UK based Digital Photo Scanning and Legacy Photo Storage Company has teamed up with national courier service, Yodel ( to become the UK's first Photo Scanning company to offer  its customers a dedicated Home Collection and delivery service using a fully tracked national courier.

Yodel is the new corporate identity for Home Delivery Network and Parcelpoint; a new business with experience and expertise in both the Business-to-Business and Consumer home delivery markets.

Photos Reunited customers now have the option to use a courier home collection service when they place their photo scanning order on the Photos Reunited website. Once the customer has placed their order they will receive by post a 'Legacy Photo Protect Pack' which is used to pack and send their photos, slides or negatives to the Photos Reunited Imaging Lab. The Legacy Photo Protect Pack will also include a pre-printed courier label attached to the outer postal package.

To arrange collection the customer simply contacts the Yodel Collection service, quoting their a unique order number to arrange a convenient time for home collection or they can arrange a collection time using the innovative Yodel Online portal.

Every parcel is fully tracked from the moment it is collected at the customer’s door step until it arrives safely at its final destination. Progress of individual tracked parcels can be monitored by the customer by entering the unique parcel number into the Yodel website.

“Photos Reunited is a totally service concentric company and so we are constantly looking for new ways in which we can improve our overall service offering and delivery” Pete Boswell, Founder, Photos Reunited Limited.

“First and foremost our customers need to trust the services we offer, which includes the methods by which they choose to send their precious and valuable photos to our UK Labs for processing. We believe that the Yodel home collection courier service sets our business apart from any other UK photo scanning services and provides our customers with a method of collection and delivery that they can trust and have complete confidence in”

The Photos Reunited home courier collection and delivery service costs only £6.50 with each order, a very small price to pay for that added confidence and peace of mind.

Further details about the home courier collection service can be found along with details of all the products and services offered by Photos Reunited on their website (


Monday, 8 August 2011

Restore your Memories

Photographs are a brilliant way of keeping those treasured memories of bygone times. But like anything pictures can get damaged. When this happens they usually get thrown in a drawer or in a box never to see the light of day again.

Well all is not lost with today's technology it is possible to bring these treasured memories back to life. This process is known as Photo Restoration this can be done in various ways but the safest and most effective way is to have them restored digitally.

The process consists of of taking the original photo and scanning the image into a computer. Once this  has been done the original is no longer required and this gets stored away  in a container lined with acid free paper to prevent any harm coming to the picture. Then the creative process takes place.

Now there is a scanned fresh image to work on the photograph can start to be brought back to life. This is when the Restorer takes time to manually restore the elements of the picture. taking out all the damaged areas by hand and rebuilding the photograph back up to to a standard that often supersedes the quality of when it was first taken.

Once all repairs have been made it then possible to work even more magic and take the image a step further and introduce colour, if it was a black & white or sepia image. Items can be removed or added to the picture making family members appear as a whole when originally they were not present. To do this a second photo is needed so that the family members that are missing from the group shot can be added in all their full glory. There are many other things that can be done upon request.

For more information or if there are any treasured Photographs you want Restoring or Enhancing then visit