Sunday, 14 November 2010

Most photos of us are owned by someone else!

This is clearly true if you are a famous celebrity or sportsman, but its also true for most other people too – the majority of the photographs you will have taken over the years with your own camera will most likely be of someone else and not you.  In fact camera owners very rarely take pictures of themselves using their own cameras. So if this statement is true then this means that the majority of the photographs we own are likely to be of other people and at the same time it’s probably true that other people own the majority of the photographs that depict you – get the picture?

If you doubt this fact, then go and take a look at  your own old photo collections and test this for your self. Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas and Summer holidays you will have captured lots of photographs of these events over the years,  see just how many of these photographs are of other people and not of yourself...ah! that's obvious I hear many of you say.

Our old photo memories are invaluable, not only those pictures of our family members and loved ones but of course also those photographs of ourselves. As we grow older and we begin to reminisce about our personal life’s experiences we realise just how important the photographs of ourselves are. Our own individual life memories and stories can become more vivid when we have the photographs of ourselves to illustrate them.... I like to refer to these photos of ourselves as mefots!

I’m sure that many of the people depicted in our own old photographs would really appreciate the opportunity to see copies of them and maybe even own a copy for their own photo memories collection. 

The answer is simply too start sharing and exchanging copies of our old photos with the people with whom we shared our actual life moments with. By encouraging our family and close friends to do the same we will be rewarded with a few surprises as we start to see for the first time many photos of ourselves that we had forgotten about or didn't even realise existed at all. Sharing our old photos we will eventually allow us all to  build a our own unique and invaluable Mefots collection.

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