Thursday, 16 June 2011

Historic Images - Oak Grove Plaza before it was Oak Grove Plaza

Before Oak Grove Plaza was named Oak Grove Plaza, it was the Ygnacio Valley Center.
The center now houses Trader Joe's, Astound & Pet Food Express, as well as a bar called The Captain's Chest.
Russell Wan sent us the pictures above, and he also wrote to us last week, and sent us pictures of his parents' old restaurant called Lychee Wan in the Clayton Valley Shopping Center.
The Wan family also owned The Captain's Chest, which used to be a restaurant & bar in the Ygnacio Valley Center / Oak Grove Plaza.
Here's a message from Russell Wan....
Here are some pictures of Ygnacio Shopping Center, now Oak Grove Plaza. You can see a picture of Oak Grove Road, and the shopping center sign.
This picture was taken by my Dad in 1965, you can see the Palm Lake Apartments were not built yet, it was just oak trees.
The next pictures are from February of 1968 at the front door of our restaurant and standing there is Miss Contra Costa.
Amazing, we love these old photos & stories! Thanks, Russell!
Who else remembers when it was the Ygnacio Valley Center? Can you remember any of the stores that used to occupy the space?


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