Monday, 11 July 2011

Old Photos

Many people have old photographs that have been handed down through the family often these old photos are a vital link to the past and something to be treasured.
Your Grandma may have kept these irreplaceable images of your ancestors in an old shoe box or biscuit tin, and managed to keep them safe through two world wars. But now it is your turn to look after these images and safe guard them for future generations. You might think that a box of old photographs is perfectly safe from accidental damage, but how would you feel if the box was inadvertently destroyed by fire or water damage? The loss of all your family photographs would mean that future generations of your family have lost their visual link to the past.
Old family photographs of ancestors are part of our family heritage. They can help future generations piece together different branches of the family as well as paint a picture of the past. Whilst stories and anecdotes are an important way of keeping the family history alive, pictures of our ancestors bring the story to vivid life in a way words cannot.
Photographs of Victorian and Edwardian ancestors will probably fade away slowly, and later photographs or 35mm slides that have been kept in a cupboard or on top of the wardrobe can all show signs of age. Fortunately it is possible to restore old photos and bring them back to life with the aid of modern technology. A restoration specialist will hopefully be able to repair the damage and you might end up being pleasantly surprised at just how much detail is uncovered once the restoration process has taken place. Never assume that a damaged old photograph of one of your ancestor is beyond repair -- the chances are good that it can be fixed.
If you do not want to hire someone to do the work and have the expertise, equipment and software you may enjoy restoring your own family photos. There is no shortage of advice and tutorials on the web.


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