Sunday, 26 February 2012

It's a question of TRUST...

You only have to search Google today to see just how many Photo Scanning Services there actually are out there, all offering photographic digital scanning services of one kind or another.

While our photographs may not have a definable financial value in the eyes of our household insurers they do however have tremendous (invaluable and irreplaceable) sentimental value. Digital scanning is an ideal way to protect your photographic memories for the future.

How can you decide which Service to trust with your precious photos or slides?

Scanning a slide or print is only part of the story the way in which they are packaged, transported, handled, processed and protected by the Scanning Service are just as important.  Most Services will require you to send them your photographs for processing by postal service which for many of you will require a high degree of confidence and trust in the Scanning Service that they will take very good care of your valuable memories.

When selecting a Company to entrust with your precious photos it may pay you to run through the following simple checklist in order to answer the most important question...


Operate from dedicated secure business premises?
24 Hour Monitored Security?

Environmentally controlled imaging Lab’s?

Comprehensive range of Professional scanning Equipment?

Provide secure data back-up as standard?

Secure Warehouse Storage?

Customer telephone support?

Door-to-Door tracked Courier Service?

Since starting our business 2 years ago we have made customers trust our number one priority. This is why we constantly review our methods, equipment, staff training and processes. We were the first UK Scanning Service to introduce door-to-door tracked courier collection and delivery. We were also the first to offer free photo storage in case the customer mislaid or damaged the CD we supply them. We were also the first to provide dedicated protective packaging as part of our delivery service.

Do our customers trust Us?...with over a million digital images already created I think so!

Finally, one important recommendation I would  like to make...

When selecting a Scanning Service it always pays to investigate exactly where that business actually operates from. One tip is to Google the address from their website and then use ‘Street View’ to see if it is a Residential or Commercial premises....I think you may be surprised at what you find..oh! and always avoid Service's that hide behind a P.O. Box need to ask yourself “what are they hiding from?

For those of you who are is a where we operate from...don't take my word for it, Google us!

Unit 15, Southfield Road, Kineton Road Ind Estate, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 0FB.


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