Monday, 31 October 2011

Logging on to town’s history

Twelve year old Joshua Fawcett who has created his own online Scarborough history page. 114306a. Picture Kevin Allen. 24/10/11.

A SCARBOROUGH school boy with a passion for history has created his own web page about Scarborough’s past.

Twelve year old Joshua Fawcett has set up a page on social networking site Facebook, where he collects and displays old pictures and stories about Scarborough.
The page, entitled Old Scarborough Photo Archive, has 444 ‘likes’ which is the amount of people who regularly log on.
Joshua, who has aspergers syndrome, is now appealing for more old photos of the town to add to his collection.
He said: “I started the page because I was researching my family history and enjoyed finding out about history. I thought it would be good to find out more about the history of Scarborough too, and the different areas.
“It has really gone well, and I have got quite a few people viewing it which is good.
“I’m always looking for more photos to add to it, and I’m hoping to start one on Filey, and different areas around Scarborough too.”
Joshua’s mother Natalie Fawcett is delighted with her son’s hobby.
She said; “I am just really proud of him and what he has done, especially considering he is only 12 and he has aspergers.
“He has a genuine love of history, and it is wonderful to see him doing something productive with his time, when most boys his age just use computers to play games.
“I am so pleased for him that the page is so popular. People are always commenting on his photos and sharing their own experiences and memories.”
If you would like to donate any pictures to Joshua for his page you can contact him via his facebook page, which is Old Scarborough Photo Archive.



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