Friday, 25 November 2011

Sutton woman finds mystery photographs

A lady from Sutton has stumbled across a wealth of mystery photographs from the 1930’s and 40’s.

Dorothy Reynolds, 62, accidently picked up the photographs a few years ago in a charity shop.
The photos were in a box amongst various things she picked up and she said: “They have been sitting on my shelf for years but they must mean something to someone.”

Unfortunately, Mrs Reynolds cannot remember which charity shop she bought them in; however, the photos themselves give us a few clues.

Among the stash there is a wedding photo dated April 1938. The couple featured in many of photos have a small son who looks around two-years-old in a photo titled “Pier - Hastings 1950”.

 There are also a lot of summer holiday snaps from Winchelsea, 1949 and Felixstowe.

One photo bears the name Arthur Hill, Beech Drive, Maidstone and it would appear the young boy is called Tony.


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