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Review Photo Scanning Services

Spending a few minutes looking at reviews of photo scanning services for pictures and slides will show you that scanning procedures vary, as do the types of colour correcting and amount of time involved. And so it makes sense to look at the techniques of a handful of providers prior to spending money scanning your old photos.

Why You Should Let a Photo Scanning Service Do the Grunt Work?
For starters, let’s agree you have better things to do than scan 1000+ pictures by hand. The appeal of shipping your stuff off to a scanning service is that it frees you from having to do all the monotonous work yourself. Just box up all your images and mail them to the scanning company. Just about all providers will take pictures in albums and slide sleeves or trays (although it may cost a bit more) and it will be returned in the exact order.

But before you box everything up you should review scanning services and compare them to see what is included in the price in terms of scanning cost, image cleaning, what kind of colour correction and touch ups they do and what formats of slides and negatives they will scan.

Dust and Scratch Removal and Colour Enhancement
A fast review of photo scanning services shows that a majority of providers offer dust and smudge removal. Yet there are variations in levels of image enhancements.A lot of providers will scan, crop, rotate and make colour corrections with bulk auto corrections. The top providers do the scanning manually and make colour enhancements manually with Photoshop, delivering far better images.

How Much Time is Involved
Some companies take longer than others. A number of highly rated services have lengthy turn-around of four weeks or so since they do all scanning outside the country with secure packaging and tracking. Other companies are UK based and may still take several weeks turnaround time, also with door-to-door tracking. During my evaluation of scanning times and shipping methods, I determined that the top services came through without every losing a customer’s order. But the bottom line is, in order to get quality digitised images you are not going to be able to get large quantities of photos scanned, enhanced and delivered in just a couple of days.

What Do You Get Back From the Scanning Service?
Once again, a review of photo scanning services reveals that many will just send you a DVD of your new digital photos, whilst other companies offer online image review so you can organise them before they are put on DVD Apart from a DVD with your photos, several companies will give you your own web page for photo sharing and archiving your images. It’s handy insurance against accidental loss.
Scanning your photos, 35mm slides and negatives, done properly will preserve your family photos forever and give them new life so you can share and enjoy them with today’s generation. Still, be sure you review several scanning companies prior to shipping off your family photos.

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