Thursday, 7 October 2010

Protecting our memories

After spending the last couple of years with my head buried in developing solutions for making the digital imaging experience more enjoyable I suddenly had a thought, "What can we do to make it easier to include our old analogue photo memories in today’s exciting online digital photo sharing and storage experience?"

I first needed to ask myself one question – Do we really care about these old photos? I didn’t need to venture far before I knew the unequivocal answer to this question was yes we do care – a lot!
After enquiring and looking at how the old photo archives were being stored within my own family it soon became clear that most of these precious memories sat in old photo albums, shoe boxes and were often stored in inaccessible places such as the attic and lofts – never to see the light of day. How could these important memories and unique record of our lives be virtually forgotten and hidden away?

Armed with this thought I decided to start Photos Reunited and have set out to remind as many people as possible of the importance of protecting their old family photo memories and to demonstrate just how exciting and fulfilling it can be to share, view and even print these memories alongside our more recent ones.

Digitally scanning your old photographs has many benefits but two of the key ones are that the process creates a robust copy of the original photograph which means that the image will be around for many generations to come. The other key benefit, and in my opinion the most exciting one is the fact that once these memories have been digitized it is quite simple and quick to share them with your family and friends via the Internet and social network sites such as Facebook.
Photos Reunited provides a complete professional digital scanning service, we will even upload copies of your photos to a secure online Photos Reunited account ready for you to instantly start sharing them with your family and friends, or upload to Facebook. You may simply be happy in the knowledge that a copy of your memories are kept in a secure location for the future.


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