Friday, 8 October 2010

“Did they really wear those style trousers back then..”

Our old family photographs are as an important part of our life histories and provide us with a physical record of our lives in the same way as our birth certificates and marriage certificates and the many other documents we collect along the way do.
Most families will collectively own very large archives of old photographs often spanning the lives of many generations. These photographs are an invaluable record of who we are and the lives we have lived both as individuals and as a member of our extended families.
The need to protect these valuable photo memories is important as by design old photographs (and negatives) will decay over time and are of course are very vulnerable to damage or even loss as time rolls by. Many old photos often become forgotten as they are stored in old photo albums and boxes often in inaccessible locations. They also have a knack of being hoarded by individual family members.
A digital photo is extremely robust and can be replicated in seconds allowing for multiple back-up copies of the photo to be created and shared with other members of your close family and friends.
Creating a digital copy of your old photographs can either be relatively simple and inexpensive if your use a profession scanning service. Otherwise your option is to buy a flatbed scanner and spend many long hours scanning each photo by hand yourself. Either way it’s important that these invaluable memories are protected and preserved for our future generations to enjoy and amuse themselves over…

“Did they really wear those style trousers back then..”


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