Tuesday, 12 October 2010

House renovation unveils photo mystery

THE search is on to reunite three mystery wedding photos with their owners – after they were discovered hidden behind a fireplace at ahouse in Peterborough.
The photos – believed to have been taken in the 1940s or 1950s – were found when the gas fire was ripped out as part of renovation works at 77 Croyland Road, in Walton, Peterborough.
The work is being carried out by property maintenance business Westone Housing, which is refurbishing the house in order to rent or sell it on.
Owner of Westone Housing, Liz Lucking said: “The workmen took the fireplace out of one of the bedrooms and found these wedding photos inside the chimney.
“It’s a really strange place to find something like this.
“We thought that they must have been lost.”
Now Mrs Lucking is hoping to reunite the photos with their rightful owners.
She added: “They are beautiful photos and you would have thought they would be missed.”
It is not known how the photos got behind the fireplace or how long they had been hidden there.
The names and details of the happy couple getting married and the family members in the photos, as well as the place where they were taken, also remain a mystery.
One of the only clues that the photos yield is that they were shot by the late Alex T Gill, who used to own a photography shop in Park Road, Peterborough.
Mrs Lucking said: “I’ve been told he was quite an expensive photographer and very well known.”
All of the photos are professionally mounted. The largest of the photos shows the newly married couple outside a church.
Two smaller ones show the couple with three bridesmaids and family members.


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