Tuesday, 12 October 2010

How to Protect your Photos from Disaster and Theft

In this day and age of digital living, there are still so many families that have not converted their old photos to digital images, even with the potential for disaster lurking. There are so many potential disasters that can rob you, your children and future generations of the ability to enjoy these visual memories, yet many families never think about this until it is too late.

Depending on the number of photos that you have and the amount of spare time that you have, your options for protecting your photos include: 1. scanning them into a computer yourself and then storing them on a third party server or photo sharing site. 2. Scanning them into a computer yourself and then storing them on a CD or DVD offsite. 3. Hiring a photo professional scanning company to scan them for you.

If you have lots of photos or are limited on time, option number 3 is probably your best bet. Today’s digital imaging technology is accessible to anyone with a computer. Photos can be scanned and retouched, and then multiple copies made and distributed, all while the original lies safely tucked away.

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