Thursday, 18 November 2010

Merging the past with the present through the medium of photograph

© The Boswell Family
My on-going project to digitise my fathers analogue photograph collection has produced another wonderful example of just how emotive a single photograph can be. When my father purchased the house he currently lives in, a rather old attractive cottage near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Along with the property he also 'inherited' a number of old photographs of the property that had been collected by the previous occupants over the years. A few of these old photographs still hang on the wall in the cottage today

One photograph in particular caught my attention and imagination and that was a picture of an old lady stood in the doorway of the property who I know to have been Mrs Hick's. The property was first constructed in 1792 and was one of five adjoined cottages built to provide homes for the staff and labour force working at the local Mill and Manor House.

I believe the original photograph of the property with Mrs Hicks was taken in around 1890

Once I had digitised the old photograph I thought it would be interesting (and fun!) to have the old photograph merged with a modern one of the property. The results are quite remarkable, if not a little haunting!

© The Boswell Family

 If you would like to see some hi-resolution copies of these photos then CLICK HERE


  1. Great article and really interesting and fun to see how old and new photography can merge together to help place history into a modern context.

    Not sure you meant 1809 though - that's a bit too early of photos!

  2. Thank you for your comments and for spotting the should read 1890..we will correct at once

  3. Great post and as you say a very eery image to end up with.

    Neil Rhodes