Monday, 8 November 2010

Pictorial memories of a proud City

Alton Douglas has been well known in the Midlands for many years as a radio entertainer and a television presenter of such shows as "Know Your Place". In recent years his carefully planned and researched series of unique pictorial books based on Midland historical themes have generated sales of over 300,000 copies, and earned him a loyal following. Each book contains between 350 and 400 illustrations, carefully captioned, and presented in a standard A4 format.

His books have produced a unique pictorial record of life in the Midlands across the different decades from the 1920's up to the more recent period of the 1960's.

 “Don't expect to find reams of facts and figures: these books are not intended to be in-depth history books but rather a series of random dips into the past. Possibly if something in it sparks off your imagination, it will point you in the direction of further research and I know, from personal experience, how enjoyable that can be”, says Alton

His latest title, recently released is called Birmingham: More of the Sixties” contains over 350 captioned photographs and will no doubt cause a stir with some of the more mature Brummies with a chorus of “Oh Yes…I remember when it looked like that” and will also intrigue the curiosity of the younger generations who will be very interested to see what their proud City looked like 50 years ago and appreciate how its changed in those years.

Birmingham: More of the Sixties and copies of the full series of books can be purchased direct online from the Author, Alton Douglas website or from local booksellers and news agents.


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