Monday, 1 November 2010

An Unexpected Suprise...

At first glance these two photographs appear to show the same pair of sisters taken perhaps a few months apart. In actual fact they reveal pictures of sisters taken a generation a part! The two little girls in the left photograph are in fact the daughters of the younger girl seen clutching a monkey in the right hand picture.

While facial similarities between parents and their children are to be expected these astonishing photographs only recently came to light for the first time when the owner, the mother in this case, decided she wanted to digitise her old photographs so she could share them with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

“I was quite taken back when I saw these two photographs side by side for the first time, the similarities between myself and my own sister and my two daughters are quite startling and wonderful”, said Mrs Lines who went on to say “seeing them instantly brought back memories of both my own childhood and that of my own two girls”

Since these photographs were digitally scanned by Photos Reunited copies have been shared with members of their immediate family. Copies have also been sent via the Internet to the other taller girl seen holding a monkey in the photograph, who is the Aunt living in Canada with her own family.

How many other wonderful discoveries sit awaiting discovery in our old photo albums?

© Pete Boswell. All rights reserved


  1. That is one thing that is great about Photographs they can be amazing some of the things you come across like in this case with the 4 girls and sometimes you never put two and two together until you have physical evidence in front of you together and you go oh yeah this, this and so on look the same or such an such has same facial expressions.

    Photographs are a great portal to the past. This one of the reasons I love restoring.

  2. What a great story! These photo could made to look even more like a matching pair if the black and white one was digitally coloured, something which can be done but requires time and skill to make it look as natural as possible.