Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Building our own photographic Legacy

It’s a fact!That the majority of the photographs you will have taken over the years using your own cameras will most likely be of other people and not of ourselves. Camera owners will very rarely take pictures of themselves. 

So if this is true then this means that the majority of the photographs we own are likely to be of other people and at the same time it’s probably true to say that other people own most of the photographs of you – get the picture?

If you don’t believe me, go and take a look at some of your own old photo albums and see for yourself. Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas and even summer holidays you will have taken lots of photographs but see just how many of your own photographs are actually of other people and not yourself!

Our old photos are an invaluable source of memories, not only for our family and loved ones but also of course of ourselves! As we all grow older we begin to reminisce about our life’s experiences. We come to realise just how important are the photographs of ourselves. Our own life story requires that we have copies of photographs of ourselves to include as part of our own photographic legacy.

I’m sure that many of those old friends depicted in your photographs would appreciate the opportunity to see them and maybe even own a copy for their own photo collections. The answer is simple and that is to start to share and exchanging your old photos with those old friends who shared those actual life moments with you.

The Photos Reunited Legacy Starter Package provides an affordable option for anyone who would like have their photos scanned, uploaded and ready to share. Our Legacy product not only offers hi-quality digital scanning quality, but also includes the transfer of a complete copy of every image scanned to DVD and also uploaded to your own secure online Photos Reunited Legacy account. Having a copy of your scanned photos stored for you online means that you will always have a backed-up copy of your photos should you lose or damage the originals. It is also simple and easy to share copies of your photos stored in your online Legacy account with friends and family or even on your Facebook page!

Encourage your family and close friends to do the same and you may be in for few surprises as you start to see for the first time, many photos of yourself that you had never realised existed.

Make sure your Photos are Reunited!

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