Monday, 11 April 2011

Orphaned Photos Find a Home with Project SAVE

Hekimian family of Dikranagert representing writer’s family

Sometimes it’s right there under your nose, in places you wouldn’t think to look like an attic or basement.
While it may not be gold bullion coins or a cache of diamond-studded jewels, it could be something else holding its value—a box full of old family photographs laying idle in unsuspecting places bearing a lifetime of fond memories.
Such was the case when I moved from an old home I occupied for 40 years to a condo. Suddenly, I stumbled across pictures that have outgrown the annals of time.
Or so I thought.
In their original boxes they stood, dating back a generation or two, handed down from heirs I never met and those who had little regard for old photos. Many were falling from the albums to which they were attached. Others were strewn about carelessly and with little regard.

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  1. I had a Biology teacher in Taft high school in the Bronx, New York named Virginia Hekimian. That would have been about 1964(ish). I swear, the young girl in this picture is her. If any one has any info, please contact me at
    Joe Bartolotti