Sunday, 24 April 2011

Rare snaps discovered in old suitcase

ONG-lost photos of Anzacs in action at Gallipoli have emerged to set the scenes of our boys on the beaches and in the trenches almost a century after the legend was created. 
Priceless pictures show soldiers with pants rolled up as they hauled guns on to sand in the sun while others capture snow blanketing the trenches and the freezing misery they faced far from home.

The historically significant images were stuffed in an old suitcase and hidden in a Melbourne cellar by a war widow 77 years ago.

She had become dejected that her late husband's photographs had been rejected for publication to mark Anzac Day, 1934.

Diana Cousens discovered the fragile photos stuffed inside the battered, old suitcase while cleaning out her family home. The photos belonged to her late grandfather, Brigadier Water Cass, a highly decorated soldier who served at Gallipoli, Egypt and the Western Front.

"As I opened them and saw the images, I sensed they were significant. There is a very personal quality to them," Dr Cousens said.

Historians said the shots helped transport Australians back to stand alongside our Anzac heroes.

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