Saturday, 10 March 2012

Family Photo Preservation

Preserving your family’s Photo Legacy should always be a planned priority from one generation to the next.

It is said, that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but many families do not have a working photo preservation system in place, which increases the chance of losing valuable memories.

Genealogy websites have made it easier for people to gain access to records and other documents that help them research and build their family tree. And there are also many things one can do to protect the photos that enhance the preservation of their family’s lineage.

The storage method for photos and other documents — or lack thereof — is another “factor for why people don’t know their histories,”  When researching the family tree, we recommend that the family appoint a family historian who will become the custodian of the families old photographs. Sharing this valuable archive with other family members is simple once the original archive has been converted to a digital format.

The following tips will help you accurately care for your family’s photographs:

  • Say goodbye to the shoebox as a way of photo keeping up with pictures. Instead, use air sealed containers and quality albums to lengthen the life of your photos.

  • Identify each person’s name on the back of the photo, remembering to mark the date the photo was taken, and then briefly describing the occasion. Be sure to use an acid free pen!

  • Scan all photos and keep an electronic backup of the photo in the event of an emergency. A copy should be kept backed-up locally on an external hard drive and also off-site on the Internet using Cloud storage. Remember when backing-up to the Internet make first make sure that the service you select stores all your data at its original hi-resolution quality.

  • Make sure the location of the photographs are known by more than one person, the key data for every photo is to identify the Who?, Where? & When?

  • Create an organised family book for everyone to enjoy. There are many options on the market for creating hi-quality printed photo-books which are ideal for creating a family book.

 Our old family photos are meant to be enjoyed they are our own personal time travel machines. So lets not leave them forgotten and hidden on old photo albums and shoe boxes. Every family has a photo legacy many simply don't know it!


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