Friday, 23 March 2012

The New Secure Photo Legacy Box!

Take a peek at the new secure Photo Legacy Box!

Photo Legacy Box
Over the next 3 months we will be upgrading all of our packaging to new strengthened plastic boxes!

We were the first photo scanning company  in the UK to provide free packaging for all of its customers. Since then we have constantly upgraded our packaging with the aim of providing out customers with the best possible solution to protect their precious photos.

As most of our current customers send us their precious photos & slides via recorded delivery postal service or by tracked Courier we decided that we wanted to provide our customers the best possible packaging that is primarily designed to protect its important cargo during transit to and from our Labs.

These new plastic Legacy Boxes will come in three different sizes designed to provide robust protection for each of our Photo Legacy products. The Boxes have been designed so that they can be locked and made secure by the customer before they are handed over to the Courier.

Our customers will be encouraged to continue to store their precious original photos and slides in the acid-free bags that are provided with each Photo Legacy Box.

Oh!..and I almost forgot to say that we don't have any current plans to increase the cost of our services to simply cover the cost of the new Photo Legacy box!


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