Monday, 12 March 2012

Old Slides – Photo Mysteries

 by Pete Boswell

Late last year as part of our marketing campaign we ran a series of display advertisements in The Woman’s Institute monthly magazine that is sent out to its 250,000+ members across the UK. We were not sure at the time what kind of response would should expect from the Advert. We were as it turned out, in for a rather pleasant and unexpected surprise!

The overwhelming demand from these advertisements was for our Slide scanning services. This in its self was not totally unexpected.

However, when we asked our customers (as we normally try to do) for the reason for digitising their slides in the first place they generally informed us that they were unable to view or share these pictures as they didn’t own "a working’ slide projector" or in the case where they had ‘inherited’ the slides from another family member "they had never actually owned a slide projector!"

What excited us most and provided us with our unexpected surprise was the fact that for most of these customers this would be the very first time they would ever have seen these pictures! 

Many of the Photo Legacies we were creating for these customers contained family pictures that were from slides that were over 40 – 60 years old and for many these pictures represented the bulk of their Parents and Grand Parents photo memories.


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