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On this Day: 12th October 1537, Prince Edward (King Edward VI) son of Henry VIII is born

On the 12th October 1537, Prince Edward (Edward VI) was born at Hampton Court Palace, in Middlesex, the son of King Henry VIII by his third wife, Jane Seymour.

Edward was christened on the 15th October, with his half-sisters, the Lady Mary as his godmother and the Lady Elizabeth carrying the chrism as the Garter King of Arms proclaimed him Duke of Cornwall and Earl of Chester.

His mother, Jane Seymour, however, fell ill on 23rd of October from presumed postnatal complications and died the following night.

Upon the death of his father Henry VIII on the 28th January 1547, Edward was proclaimed the King of England and Ireland. He was crowned King Edward VI on 20th February at the age of nine, although his fathers will named sixteen executors, who were to act as Edward's Council until he reached the age of 18.

In February 1553, Edward VI became ill, and by June, after several improvements and relapses his condition was terminal, eventually passing away of the 6th July 1553, aged 15 at Greenwich Palace.

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