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On this Day: 20th October 1944, MacArthur returns to the Philippines

0n the 20th October 1944, US General Douglas MacArthur waded ashore in the Philippines, a country he had been forced to flee 2 and half years early following the invasion of Japanese forces.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on the 7th December, 1941, MacArthur was ommanding US and Filipino forces in the Philippines. The following day Japanese forces invaded the islands, although MacArthur and his generals response was confused, meaning that allied forces immediately found themselves on the defensive. With the islands air defenses neutralised MacArthur began a hasty retreat that ended on the Bataan Peninsula and the rocky fortress called Corregidor.

Under continuous and sustained assault on 12 March 1942, MacArthur and a select group including his wife and son escaped to Australia were he famously said, "I came out of Bataan and I shall return". Bataan surrendered on 9 April 1942 and Corregidor on 6 May 1942

Two years later on the 20th October 1944, allied troops of Krueger's landed on Leyte, while MacArthur watched from the light cruiser USS Nashville. That afternoon he arrived off the beach where his whaleboat grounded in knee-deep water, and MacArthur was compelled to wade ashore. In his prepared speech, he said: “People of the Philippines: I have returned.”

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