Thursday, 12 July 2012

Shrewsbury School - Testimonial

 Shrewsbury School is very happy to recommend Save Photo Ltd to any school or institution intending to digitise their photographic collections or archives.

Copyright: Shrewsbury School
 We decided to digitise the photographic collection for a number of reasons.  Frequently these days’ requests for information on Old Salopians come with a plea for any visual evidence of their time at school – either photographs of themselves, their House, the site, or sporting achievements.  This meant a long and tedious search through the relevant boxes; then cumbrous scanning and dispatching of the image.  We have a great deal of photographic records, but these are dispersed in various boxes or else in unwieldy and ancient photo albums.  To be able to access the relevant image by a few clicks will be an invaluable resource.

The plan is that the whole Salopian community will have access to this collection – current members of staff, parents and, of course, Old Salopians.

Save Photo Ltd provided an excellent service.  Some of our older photos were in very poor shape – ripped or damaged.  The company did the best they could with these to deliver a high quality digital image.  Other photographs came in enormous sizes or else long scrolls of whole school groups.  

Copyright: Save Photo Ltd

Copyright: Save Photo Ltd

The company managed to take separate photos of these unusually large compositions and then stitch them together to form a single digitized image.  Many of our photos were pasted into heavy albums, some at awkward angles, but again this difficulty was surmounted.  In short, the service provided was very competent and professional. 

Mike Morrogh, Archivist, Shrewsbury School
July 2012


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