Tuesday, 2 October 2012

On this Day: 2nd October 1950, Charlie Brown makes his first appearance in Peanuts

The popular cartoon strip Peanuts, which was written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz, was first published on the 2nd of October 1950.

Peanuts began as a daily strip, running in nine newspapers: The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Minneapolis Tribune, The Allentown Call-Chronicle, The Bethlehem Globe-Times, The Denver Post, The Seattle Times, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe.

The first strip was four panels long and featured Charlie Brown, Shermy and Patty. Snoopy was also amongst the early characters in the strip, first appearing in the third edition, which ran on October 4.

Peanuts is the most popular and influential in the history of the comic strips, with 17,897 strips published in all. At its peak, Peanuts ran in over 2,600 newspapers, with a readership of 355 million in 75 countries, and was translated into 21 languages.

It helped to cement the four-panel gag strip as the standard in the United States and together with its merchandise earned Schulz more than $1 billion. Peanuts ran until  February 13, 2000, although reprints of the strip are still syndicated and run in almost every U.S. newspaper.

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